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Getting started with Marfeel

A partnership, not a product. Marfeel is built to give our publishers the power to do more. Here's what to expect from a call with our team:
  • Optimizing your publishing. Our team will show you how Marfeel will optimize your results and help you overcome specific challenges in your industry.
  • Integration with your current stack. How Marfeel will integrate with your CMS, ad stack, and partners to improve your results, seamlessly.
  • Implementation and customization. Marfeel is felt but not seen. Learn how your brand will shine through and be consistent across every platform.
"Marfeel was able to deliver on all the promises they made at the start of our relationship, which is the best endorsement I can make. We feel like a partner with Marfeel."
Charles Cilliers Digital Editor, The Citizen
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The force behind a better mobile internet!

Since 2011, Marfeel has empowered digital publishers to deliver more from mobile. We work with over 850 news and entertainment publishers to deliver and optimize a billion sessions per month.