How Google Universal Analytics Sunsetting Impacts Your Publication

Google is saying goodbye to its Universal Analytics product. Since the majority of publishers rely on its real-time data and analytics functionalities, you will be forced to migrate. Is it worth it? Learn about it and ask all your questions! 29 Jun 2022 at 16:00 GMT +2

We will answer the following questions

  • Why did Google move to Google Analytics 4?
  • Should I migrate to GA4? What does that involve?
  • Is GA4 ready for publishers?
  • Does GA4 bring back accurate real-time data?
  • Is GA4 GDPR compliant?

Fireside chat with

  • Xavi Beumala CEO Xavi Beumala’s experience as a telecommunications engineer and his extensive knowledge of the digital publishing industry inspired him to found Marfeel, where he now serves as CEO.
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