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We want to do the thing we love! Marfeel’s programmatic revenue gave MobileGeeks freedom to focus on what they do best.

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Last year, I realized I was leaving way too much money on the table. For me, Marfeel just took care of all of that.
Nicole Scott Co-founder of MobileGeeks

Marfeel’s programmatic revenue gave MobileGeeks the freedom to focus on what they do best, create world-class content and connections.

  • 2012 Founded
  • 30,000 Daily readers
  • 11 International writer
Find out how the company has increased reader revenue using Marfeel’s publishing platform.

The Challenge:

MobileGeeks never wanted to be a site that was more concerned with tweaking the backend of their ad stack than connecting with their readers.

By moving the mobile experience to the Marfeel platform, MobileGeeks were able to start generating passive revenue and keep their readers on the page for longer.

The Solution:

Hands-free programmatic revenue

Activating the Marfeel platform enabled MobileGeeks to earn programmatic revenue without having to devote their time and resources to manage it.

The results

  • +97% Page views per visit
  • +32% Average session time
  • -16% Bounce rate

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