Case Study created a 113% increase in reader revenue thanks to a transformative user experience

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As we continue to expand our reach and engage with more users than ever before both locally and internationally, we look forward to having Marfeel along with us on that journey and to discover the many benefits that our collaboration has to offer.”
Desmond Farrelly Head of Audience and Insights is an Irish website specializing in News, Sport, Business, and Entertainment, and part of DMG Media Ireland.

  • 2009 Estabilishment
  • 200+ Enterprise employees
  • 2M+ Monthly sessions
Find out how the company has increased reader revenue using Marfeel’s publishing platform.

The challenge had no problems attracting readers. However, their mobile experience meant they were losing these readers after the first story, creating constant pressure for their editorial team. needed to recirculate their readers onto multiple stories, keep them returning, and find a way to monetize every interaction.

The solution

Marfeel’s publisher platform enabled them to migrate their mobile content to an ultra-light PWA, designed to recirculate traffic onto multiple stories though subtle UI elements and high-speed pages.

This was integrated with premium programmatic advertising that uses AI to determine the most effective placements in every story.

The results

  • -12% bounce rate
  • +40% page views
  • +113% ARPU

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