Marfeel Team 2019-02-08

Prebid Leadership Summit: Shaping the future of header bidding

Over the course of the last three years, has managed to set the industry standards for header bidding and develop leading technological advancements. They are now taking a deep dive into the ongoing development and adoption of header bidding in 2019, with a focus on the mobile world. As a member of and creator of header bidding solutions, Marfeel is proud to host—and join—the Prebid Leadership Summit on February 25th, at our office in Barcelona. This event will explore the continued expansion of header bidding, the rise of in-app and on-video header bidding, as well as interactive sessions with experts from Prebid and Marfeel. The summit will begin with a keynote and Q&A session from Alexandra Smith, the Chair of, and Product Manager of the Rubicon Project. A panel made up of experts from Prebid.js will follow up with an interactive session to address the expansion of header bidding and the use among native, mobile web, and Google AMP pages. This will be an interactive session, with audience feedback, so the speakers will discuss the questions that matter most to you. Speakers from Marfeel will then host a fireside chat to discuss how you can monetize mobile web and Google AMP pages, and the best practices for optimizing returns from header bidding. The event is set to close with a final panel that will explore the notion that 2019 is set to be the year of in-app header bidding, and how Prebid Mobile provides the solution publishers will need to stay ahead. You can expect to learn how header bidding is developing new opportunities in emerging formats such as video and native, best practices for Prebid, and a chance to network and speak with the leading experts in header bidding technology. To join the foremost authorities on header bidding and hear their roadmap for development in 2019, join us on February 25th, 2019, at Marfeel's Office. Sign up for the Prebid Leadership Summit here Prebid social Card

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