Marfeel Team 2019-01-22

Marfeel joins the pioneering header bidding organization,


We are proud to announce that Marfeel is now an official member of the Prebid.Org community.

  Prebid, and their community of Adtech specialists have been responsible for establishing the global industry standards for header bidding. They have made it possible for publishers to use a standard, optimized, and unified foundation for their advertising. Today, Prebid is the most widely used wrapper for header bidding and continues to dictate the standards that the entire industry follows. We're proud to be joining their community and working together on developing successful header bidding solutions. Our membership in this exclusive and elite group cements Marfeel's status as an innovating contributor to ad tech and the digital publishing industry. Marfeel is not simply supporting or adopting a technology, we are helping to create and mold its evolution. Prebid.Org director Tom Kershaw explained the advantages of collaborating as an industry on programmatic technology: “Header bidding is a fundamental, underlying technology to the way adtech is going to work going forward, so we have to agree on the standards, and pool our resources. And I think publishers will want to use the solutions chosen by the industry, not [those] owned by an individual company.” Prebid was originally created in 2015 by AppNexus. Other ad tech members were then invited to manage and continue to evolve it - forming Prebid.Org in 2017. The goal of the organization is to develop a unified standard across the industry, without control being held by one company. Prebid operates with a simple set of principles to help publishers implement header bidding to the highest standards. These are to be:
  • Collaborative: Foster a community of contribution
  • Open and Transparent: No black-box auction dynamics, bid biasing or hidden fees
  • Agnostic: No adapter preferencing or inherent reliance on ad servers
  • Performant: Don’t kill the page!

Developing MBid with Prebid:

  Developing the open-source material from Prebid, Marfeel has been able to develop a customized server-side header bidding tool, MBid. Marfeel is one of the firsts to develop and implement server-side Header Bidding across the entire industry. This development is a major factor that made Marfeel stand out in the ad tech crowd and contributed to them joining the elite company in Partnering with Prebid will help us to maintain our position as a leader in the development of the digital publishing and advertising industries. We’re proud to be part of a wider community that is collaborating to innovate and develop new ways to increase the performance, integrity, and effectiveness of programmatic advertising.

What does this mean for our publishers:

  For our publishers, this collaboration will result in our partners being given first access to the innovations in programmatic that we develop with the support of Prebid. Development of new header bidding technologies has already enabled us to increase competition, yield, ad revenue, and page speed. Further development, as part of the Prebid, will allow us to optimize these developments, delivering better results across every key metric. We look forward to developing new standards for header bidding alongside the rest of the community.

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