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Google recognizes Marfeel for Innovation in publishing technology

Google New York, November 13th We’re delighted to announce that Marfeel was awarded the 2019 Innovation Award by Google at their annual GCPP Summit. Innovation is at the heart of what Marfeel does, and we've used it to drive results for publishers businesses. The awards are designed to identify and recognize Certified Publishing Partners who show significant dedication and expertise in mobile, customer service, and innovation. Marfeel has been part of the Google Certified Publishing Partner program since 2014, working together with Google on, projects, initiatives, and events to help drive the digital publishing industry forward. Being recognized by Google for this project is a testament to the work done by our team to redefine how we measure and optimize push notifications. At the GCPP Summit in New York on 13-14 November, Google brought together 42 certified Publishing Partners to discuss the industry and the plans for the program for the future. Our CMO, Alexian Chiavegato said,

‘It is an honor to receive this Innovation award. To be recognized in this way is a validation of what Marfeel believes in and the new ground our teams are breaking to help publishers reach their audiences and monetize their content.’ 

Google innovation award

Senior Channel Partnerships manager at Google, Marko Zulj, added
‘I’m very proud of my partners when they are getting official acknowledgment from Google for Innovation in the online publishing business.’

MarfeelPush - A framework for higher engagement

The innovation recognized was MarfeelPush, our automated push notification system. Working with a system that was sending over 25 million notifications a day, we used engagement data to track the lifetime value of a push subscriber. To help publishers engage with their users and build a personalized, long-term relationship with your audience, we discovered a metric that monitors reader engagement over time.

Subscriber life-time value—or SLTV—lets publishers measure how changes to their system affect total reader engagement. With this in place, our team was able to create an optimized framework for sending push notifications, managing to increase publisher value by over 40%.
If you’d like to know more, we published a white paper of all our research and results that you can download here. We look forward to our continued association with the Google Publisher Partner Program and the innovations coming from this collaboration. Learn more about the Google Certified Publisher Program here.

Learn more about Marfeel here

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