Alexian Chiavegato 2022-04-22

Google analytics real-time issue


Since April 6th, Universal Google Analytics displays inaccurate real-time data and is, therefore, unusable.  

Real-time is a must for real journalism. 
This is one of our pillars, and we know it is so in every newsroom around the World. Your newsroom deserves actual, accurate and unquestionable real-time data. Our solution gives you that, and it’s free and hassle free, like it should have always been. 

As reported by top world wide publishers and officially acknowledged by Google Universal Google analytics real-time analytics is unreliable.

The situation

As an alternative, Google is forcing the adoption of Google Analytics 4 (GA4). The setup of GA4 will require Publishers to rethink their real-time analytics and will also demand significant resource allocation for its implementation and on-going maintenance.

In addition to the issue of real-time analytics, there is some other important information that you need to know:

  1. GA4 is not compatible with AMP.
  2. By migrating to GA4 all historical data from Universal Google Analytics will be lost.
  3. The complete shut down of Universal Analytics is planned for end of June 2023.
  4. GA4 real-time is not concurrents: It’s based on pageviews and a fixed active time.
  5. GA4 is not built for publishers so you must manually tag sections, authors, etc.

Marfeel's pledge

Marfeel offers all publishers a free plan for real-time analytics tailored to publisher needs. We can offer you in real-time:

  • RFV segmentation - Qualitative metrics that segments users based on their consumption using three KPIs: recency, frequency and volume
  • Proper channel attribution. Google Discover and Dark Social traffic included
  • Reporting on AMP performance
  • No sampling
  • First-party data solution with data privacy in mind
  • Unlimited users
  • Multi-site view
  • No code approach - Add a single line of code to your page
  • and more!

Remember, you will have to transition, no matter what, so why not do it for a tool that is developed specifically for publishers? Check out this page to learn more about what's included in our free Start plan

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