Marfeel Team 2016-05-04

Ad Spending Revenue & ROI

We talk about it a lot here, but it bears repeating: mobile advertising is the present and the future, and it continues to grow quarter after quarter. According to a report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau, mobile marketing grew by 66.1 percent in 2015. Mobile advertising also made up the biggest portion of online ad revenue, bringing in 35 percent of $59.6 billion in total revenue. With this in mind, it’s important that marketers continue to up their spending on the mobile front. As mobile continues to grow at an explosive rate, advertisers have to make sure they are getting the most out of the mobile channel. One way to do that is by upgrading your content, and making sure that it’s optimized for mobile.

Speaking with The Drum at Advertising Week Europe, Alan Fagan, ESPN’s group sales director for the EMEA region, said, “I think that’s going to be a big change— not even in the next three years but in the next year—where the advertising options on mobile are going to get a lot more sophisticated and work a lot harder.” Fagan makes the point, correctly, that mobile still has a long way to go as new technologies emerge to increase the user experience on smartphones and tablets. “There’s still a big gap between the amount of money going into mobile and the amount of consumption of mobile,” added Fagan. This gap is the key area where advertisers can improve their game plans going forward. Another look into this imbalance can be found in the first quarterly Marketers Confidence Index. The study was put together by the AMA and Millward Brown Vermeer, and 40 percent of the marketers surveyed said they saw an increase in customer spending over the past six months, while 39 percent felt that customer spending would rise even more over the next six months.

On the spending side, only 33 percent said they expected their budgets to increase. Coupled with the fact that 41 percent said their company did not have good strategies in place, these numbers do not match up. Companies and publishers must continue to increase funding if they want their marketing teams to increase the desired results. Getting your mobile content to work harder and smarter is more important in such a crowded marketplace, but can clearly pay dividends if done correctly. Working with companies like Marfeel is one way to make your content work harder.

We work to get the most out of your mobile sites, and have recently been recognized as one of the five coolest companies in mobile marketing by Gartner. If your marketing team is optimistic about increased ad revenue in the future, but pessimistic about your budget rising any time soon, it is on you to work with your company to make sure everyone realizes the impact mobile advertising is having on your industry, and the return on investment it can provide.

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