Technology first

Stay state-of-the-art

Marfeel’s dynamic platform means your solutions are always at the cutting-edge of mobile technology.

Developing daily

  • 200 daily deploys

    With over 200 daily deploys, Marfeel is designed to stay ahead of the mobile technology curve.

  • Compatible with any CMS

    CMS agnostic, Marfeel’s platform works with any publisher CMS, including customs.

  • Constantly evolving

    As well as personalized solutions to custom and contextual and requirements, Marfeel constantly optimizes results.

Built with the best

We’re an agile environment using cutting-edge technology

  • Spring Boot
  • Cypress
  • pupperpress
  • Mongo Db
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Prometheus
  • Java
  • Node JS
  • Jest
  • Kubernetes
  • Maven
  • Vue.js

Open-source, of course!

New features are built on top the most widely-used open-source tools and projects.
  • A pluggable and configurable linter tool for identifying and reporting on patterns in JavaScript to maintain your code quality with ease.
  • Ta sustainable and healthy open source ecosystem for the common interests of those who create and use open source software.
  • Webpack is an open-source JavaScript module bundler. It can transform front-end assets like HTML, CSS, and images.
  • Develop UI components in isolation for React, Vue, and Angular. It makes building stunning UIs organized and efficient.

Marfeel is an official sponsor of these open-source initiatives, helping them continue to evolve.

Multi-channel publishing

Stay up to date with every specification, every requirement, on every channel.


New features and deployments are configured to adhere to the requirements of major publishing platforms.

As a mobile-first technology platform, your pages and articles are always updated to comply with the technical specifications needed to appear on channels such as Google AMP, Discover, GoogleNews, Facebook Instant Articles, and more

  • Make major savings on essential operations

    Marfeel’s technology platform enables publishers to cut major operating costs from their budgets.

    Stay ahead of the curve in mobile technology and keep your focus on your content.
  • Cut operating costs

    Free CDN package

    Marfeel’s partnership with Fastly provides a premium CDN, with server-side device detection, with no charge.

    Reduced server load

    The majority of visits can be served from content cached on the CDN, cutting the load on your servers.

    No ad server costs

    As an ad server itself, Marfeel publishers don’t pay the usual fees to use other major ad servers.

    Free Push notifications

    Built with Onesignal, Marfeel push notifications have no fees, and no limits

    No mobile-maintenance costs

    Marfeel develops with the latest technology and deploys to production over 200 times per day, keeping you ahead of the curve.

    Cut costs on external resources

    Marfeel is everything you need to deliver the ultimate mobile experience, without adding to your resources or paying external third parties

Explore the platform

Deploy without downtime

New developments and updates are deployed across the platform with a system that safeguards against downtime or errors.