Fully extensible

Designed for unexpected innovations

Create and configure plugins and extensions with architectural patterns that guarantee high-performance

Open for extension

  • Extensible

    Marfeel’s platform lets you build and add features and tools that perform, across any space.

  • New capabilities

    Adapt to how your business changes, and how the mobile experiences changes by connecting partners, and developing new resources.

  • White-box

    Marfeel can be extended by modifying the source code, with White-Box extensibility and adaptable software components.

New capabilities, whenever you need them

Marfeel extensibility follows a configuration over code philosophy instead of a configuration in code approach.

All configurations and extensions are stored in a code git repository making portability and trackability first-class citizens.

Predictable The Marfeel code base is open for extension and closed for change following the OCP principle.
Reliable & Safe Every json file is validated against its schema ensuring the validity of the submitted data to prevent failures in production.
Multi-channel strategy Build applications once and run them on multiple platforms without multiple tools and code bases.
Full control and fully customisable All JS, CSS and templates are extensible and overridable and any ad-hoc development will be maintained for ever.
High performance Speed matters. Developing with Marfeel ensures your extensions work fast and seamlessly.
Zero-code deployments Change a site's behaviour without effectively deploying new code to production, making the deployment process safer.

The Marfeel SDK offers extension points based on features or functionalities with extension points for:

  • Advertisement
  • UI Components
  • Commenting Systems
  • Theming and Styling
  • Metrics & Analytics
  • CMP
  • Push Notifications
  • Content Widgets

More options. Fewer dependencies.

Customize the markup of your UI components
  • Shadowing All Marfeel UI components can be shadowed making it possible to customize the markup of any template. Marfeel templates are then compiled using server-side rendering.
  • Theme parts To customize the markup of UI components such as the footer, Marfeel templates import theme parts. Theme parts are empty by default, allowing you to choose what content to inject.

Not supported is not supported

Develop and implement any custom widget through iframes

Iframes Custom-built widgets are embedded in iframes, the optimal way for custom widgets to coordinate and interact with Marfeel and maintain full control over its behavior. By putting custom widgets in an iframe, JS executes only within the iframe without any impact on the runtime of the page. This means it can also be used to implement widgets in AMP pages.

Plug in partnerships

  • over 300 Marfeel supports over 300 ready-built extensions.

See how your team can start to build on the Marfeel platform in a live demo

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Build without limits.
Deploy without downtime.

New developments and updates are deployed across the platform with a system that safeguards against downtime or errors.