Sonar: AI-Powered floor pricing

See the hidden value of your impressions

The right price, every time.

Making the price match the value

  • The value of your inventory changes from one moment to the next, from one reader to another.

  • Traditional auctions rely on a fixed set of rules with static prices. But, the volume of impressions means the majority of ad impressions are undervalued or undersold.

  • Marfeel uses AI-powered predictive pricing and a server-to-server process that allows inventory to be bought and sold on a per-impression basis.

Constantly delivering better

  • Elevated eCPM and CTR Establishing the optimum floor and bid price ensures each page earns the highest eCPM possible.

  • Adapted to change Specific algorithms test prices to adapt to seasonality, ad spend surges, or industry changes that disrupt other publishers.

  • Higher revenue, fewer ads Publishers that maximize the quality and value of their inventory are able to generate higher revenue while serving fewer ads.

Rules that bend but never break

  • Marfeel predicts price rules based on user criteria that are constantly tested to find the optimum price.

    Sonar understands the value of the inventory to each SSP and advertiser.

    Predictive floor pricing maximizes real-time bidding, even in first-price auctions, based on the value of the user profile that visits your site.

  • Predictive pricing Know the value of the user profiles that visit your site


    Device size

    Operating system

    Ad Size


    Auction type

    Session depth

    Ad Position

    Time of the day

    Day of the week

    Day of the month

    Month of the year

Optimization that never sleeps

  • Step 1 Clustering Sonar negotiates and compares floor prices, in real-time, over 1500 times a day.
  • Step 2 Calculate Optimum Price Clustering segments large audiences and sets the best floor price based on their specific criteria.
  • Step 4 Retraining Smaller sections of traffic are used to test alternate prices, simultaneously.
  • Step 3 Analyze Results Every result is refined and implemented into the algorithms for continually improving performance.
“With the new Marfeel site, our results grew very quickly. We now have lightning-fast mobile experiences for our readers and are delighted with the results delivered during the Black Friday period.”
311% increase in eCPMs
387% average revenue Per User