Premium Ad networks

The demand for your supply

Connect the ad networks, exchanges, and servers that deliver more.
  • Premium ad networks create the demand needed to build competition for ad placements.
    Marfeel provides a direct connection with the world’s biggest, premium ad networks.
    Every placement is then optimized for revenue, relevancy, and readership. A great ad is just the start.

Demand on demand

Get access to high-quality ads with a one-point integration.
  • Google Ad Manager Get the highest value for every impression and deliver ad experiences that connect with your audience from Google's integrated platform.
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  • Rubicon Rubicon Project’s pioneering technology created a new model used by the world’s leading publishers and applications to transact with top brands around the globe.
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  • OpenX OpenX stands alone in the marketplace as the recognized leader in quality, scale, and performance, delivering value across every type of connected screen and format.
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Premium networks, premium experiences

Deliver better results alongside better experiences. Having a network of premium demand partners enables publishers to make monetization part of the reader experience.
  • Brand-safe and on-message
    Prevent malware and low-quality creatives with a secure sandbox, Bot traffic exclusion, and ad quality enforcement with daily creative reviews.
  • Higher fill-rate and viewability
    Deliver ads in sync with your content for maximum viewability and immersive experiences.
  • Analytics and Insights
    Monitor the performance of each network in real-time with monitoring dashboards.
  • Direct Campaigns
    Marfeel offers publishers the ability to maintain ad inventory to serve direct campaigns.

Integrated with the ad ecosystem

Connect your existing stack without disruption and serve the most relevant ads to your audience.
  • over 40+ Ad networks have built integrations to work with the Marfeel platform.
“Our experience with Marfeel has been awesome. They boosted our mobile engagement and they skyrocketed the performance of our ads. They absolutely made a difference to our company and the way we spread our content.”
4X increase in ad revenue