Server-to-server header bidding

Lightspeed and
limitless programmatic

Work with unlimited demand sources without affecting page speed

Competition for your inventory, not your time

  • MBid is server-to-server header-bidding that makes simultaneous, real-time calls to demand partners without affecting the page load speed.

  • By moving the logic to the server-side, MBid eliminates additional dependencies and Javascripts that cause latencies.

  • Get unlimited competition, higher eCPMs, and long-term revenue through higher demand for your ad space.

Doing more, and doing it faster

  • Server-side header bidding is competition without latency.

  • Streamlined performance. Introduce unlimited bidders without compromising speed and performance.

  • Higher demand. Ad space is auctioned across high-quality bidders to maximize inventory value and ad quality.

  • Increased revenue. More competition for priority placements drives higher eCPMS.

  • Google AMP monetization. Google AMP has deprecated support for remote.html. Server-side is now the only header bidding option to monetize AMP pages.

  • Mixed Bidders. Moving to a server based solution will allow Marfeel to combine pure Display bidders with Video bidders without creating new placements.

Integrated with your demand

MBid is integrated with Marfeel’s demand marketplace, ensuring the highest quality advertising alongside higher eCPMs.

Have your cookie and eat it

Combine client and server side for the best of both worlds

  • 1

    More demand partners

    Server-side header bidding enables us to solve the latency issues created by adding more demand partners in client-side header bidding.

  • 2

    Increasing the opportunity

    However, client-side bidding is able to access cookie data, increasing the opportunity to use user profiles to increase eCPMS.

  • 3

    Simultaneous process

    Marfeel’s hybrid solution uses a limited number of client-side bidders Further bidders are called using server-side, creating one, simultaneous process with no latency.

  • 4

    Driving higher eCPMs

    The result is the highest levels of competition without affecting latency or page speeds, or sacrificing user data, driving higher eCPMs from every ad space.

  • 3X growth in ARPU

    Brazil247 managed to increase their revenue by 3X since activating Marfeel and our header bidding solution.

    300% fast ads revenue increase
    22% higher viewability
  • Marfeel header bidding, combining client-side and server-side makes up to 60% of publishers’ revenue.

Developed with Prebid open-source.

MBid was developed in-house utilizing open-source technology from, adapting it to the needs of our publishing partners.

Marfeel is an official member of and we continue to work together to make header bidding faster and serve more targeted ads.

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