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A unified dashboard for publisher performance.
  • Multiple sources Marfeel Insight shows the metrics from various sources in one centralized location, under the same KPIs.

  • Revenue & Engagement It combines revenue provider data with Google Analytics for an overview of both revenue and engagement.

  • Strategy of long-term Insight is where publishers will find their ARPU, the only true measure of long-term performance.

Remove the noise from your reporting

  • Consolidated reporting Insight removes the work of collecting and understanding revenue and engagement from multiple sources and accounts.

  • Instant Insights Get a clear and simple view of every KPI and analytics in one centralized dashboard that collates your data from every page and source.

  • Intuitive actions Get strategic actions to take, compare revenue stream and understand trends and changes in your performance.

  • One metric to rule them all

    Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) gives publishers the ability to track the performance of the site, at the user level.

    The Insight dashboard gives you the clarity to see how changes to your setup will affect your current and future revenue.

    See how well your ad setup is really performing, and separate your traffic from your revenue results.
  • Plot by dimension

    See the performance of every channel in isolation.

    Identify key metrics and see how changes to your ad stack affect your engagement as well as your revenue.

    Discover patterns, trends, and your most effective sources of revenue with intuitive reporting.

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  • See further with 12 KPIs

    The Insight dashboard gives you a complete overview of your content performance and programmatic set up. Measure everything from reader engagement to revenue.

  • The Insight dashboard measures:


    Gross Revenue


    Average Session Time

    Ad Requests

    Fill Rate


    Click through rate

    Cost per click

    Page views per visit

    Ad requests per page view

    Ad requests per visit

“‘I can only say that for us, Marfeel is a key partner in our evolution. I always say whenever anyone asks me: ‘We are in love with Marfeel.”
716% increase in daily revenue
242% increased visits per day