Fast ads

Faster pages
need ads to match

Create the perfect first impression with ads that load in line with your content for maximum viewability.
  • Too fast for your own good

    With Marfeel PWAs delivering the first meaningful paint in under 0.7 seconds, ad delivery needs to have the speed to match.
    To avoid the dreaded white space of an unfilled impression, The Marfeel platform is integrated with ‘fast ads’.
    Fast ads load your impressions instantly to deliver a full, immersive experience from the very first click.

Do less.
Do it less often.
Do it faster.

  • Start header bidding
  • Request the first ad
  • Lazy load essential page elements
  • Load other content
  • All monetization code is separated from the page content.
  • Header-bidding is started in parallel using a service worker.
  • The first ad is instantly requested
  • Essential page elements are lazy-loaded before other content is requested.
  • Web workers optimize performance and ‘outsource’ ad delivery to the next page.
  • Ads are ‘lazy-rendered’ and overall monetization is reduced by 50%.

Measure everything, optimize what counts

  • Monetization code reduced
    0% reduced
  • Decrease in time to first impression
    0% decrease
  • Increase in viewability
    0% increase
  • Lighthouse scores
    + 0 lighthouse
  • Improved SEO results
    0 % improved
  • 15% average increase in eCPM

Jan 1st – April 21st

  • A brighter future on Lighthouse

    Synchronize your content with your monetization for better experiences and higher Lighthouse scores. +15 lighthouse score More organic/AMP visits More Ad Impressions Higher Viewability
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Fast Ads

How to deliver high revenue alongside high performance.

Learn how Marfeel used a different approach to monetization, rather than increasing frequency or traffic, they made ad set ups more efficient.

By doing more of more what works and cutting out what didn’t, publishers were able to increase results from fewer ads.