Marfeel cmp

Your fully-comprehensive consent management platform

Light, fast, and easy to use consent management for digital publishers.
  • User consent in a single click

    Give your mobile readers total control over their privacy preferences from a simple and clear interface.
    Request explicit consent, store preferences, and give users tools to manage their privacy
    PersonalizeCustomizable locations
    Send consent information, to SSPs through ad requests for higher CPMs
Comply with GDPR, CCPA, and future regulation & Fully compatible with AMP

Built for online publishers

Get comprehensive compliance without disrupting your mobile experience or affecting your ad revenue.
  • TCFv2 and CCPA compliant out of the box
  • Available in AMP
  • Complies with all Google consent requirements
  • 98% consent acceptance rates
  • User consent is sent to SSPs for higher ad revenue
  • Automatically updates to comply with all future regulations
  • Lightweight for instant loading
  • Supports 18 languages

One integration covers every regulation

We work with the IAB Transparency and Google Privacy teams to stay up-to-date with every global regulation with automatic updates.
GDPR General Data Protection Regulation - IAB TCFv2 validated
CCPA California Consumer Privacy Act - IAB CCPA framework compliant
LGPD Lei Geral Protecao de Dados - Awaiting full framework to be confirmed
Gives complete control
Meet every requirement
Integrate ad technology partners on a per-vendor basis
Customize language, layout, and branding
Active on AMP! The Marfeel CMP is one of the few CMPs to be fully compatible with Google AMP, with no loss of performance and full monetization capabilities. Send your consent information from AMP pages to SSPs for more relevant ads and higher ad revenue.
First impressions count

The CMP designed for digital publishers

Give your readers simple and straightforward control over their privacy, without taking over the page or harming your revenue.
Get 98% acceptance levels and make use of your user data for higher ad revenue.
Integrate with every page, every platform, including AMP without downtime or disruption.

Want to know more about who needs a CMP?

Get all the facts on the IAB TCF 2.0 and how to comply with data regulations.