Marfeel AdDealer

Identifies the optimum ad placements on every page. AdDealer optimizes the frequency, proximity and aggressiveness of every ad impression.

Say goodbye to guesswork

  • Most ad strategies use the same generic ad rules for all different types of content.
  • Ads disrupt the reading experience, go unseen, or fail to maximise the full potential of the page.
  • Publishers risk turning readers away with an aggressive strategy, or leaving revenue on the table.
  • Until now!

    Know the cards before you deal

    AdDealer balances text and media to frame an article for an organic flow of page elements and advertising.

    The AdDealer algorithm uses reader behaviour to measure and place ads for the highest possible viewability, CTR, and eCPM.

    Know that every single article will be balanced to deliver the highest ad revenue alongside a flawless reader experience.

  • The benefits of precision

    Optimized density Serve the right number of ads to comply with Google’s coalition for better ads density standards.
    Better ad experiences Keep readers on the page longer, registering more impressions with non-intrusive ads, measured at the pixel level.
    Maximize valuable positions Serve ads where you know they will be seen and get higher bids for high-value ad space
    Increased ARPU Increased ad revenue from every user and keep them returning for more page views.
AdDealer Increase push notification engagement by 40%
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