Technology that redefines monetization

Produce higher revenue alongside better user experiences with our programmatic and inventory management platform.
Case study 2018
Without Marfeel
With Marfeel
  • Sessions +18%
  • Page views +69%
  • Bounce rate -38%
  • Time on page +28%
  • Revenues +207%

What’s better than more good ads?
More great ones.

  • 1
    When monetization is designed together with the reader experience it keeps readers returning.
  • 2
    Get higher results from fewer ads with sophisticated programmatic technology, optimized for hyper-relevance, high performance, and higher revenue.
  • 3
    We help publishers transform monetization from an intrusion into part of the experience.

Monetize your content, don’t compromise your message

Higher ad revenue through experiences readers want
  • Optimized competition Implement the technology that maximizes the revenue from every opportunity without affecting page performance.
  • Smart delivery AI-powered placement and density tools ensure advertising is displayed to maximize revenue without turning your readers away.
  • Integrated monetization Monetize your traffic from every source, including Google AMP, Apple News, and Facebook instant articles.
“The boosts given by this technology are still growing, and we are a year into our partnership” When we first saw the Marfeelized version of our website, our personality—our content and style—was there, but now backed by Marfeel technology. This is inspiring for our editorial team, who know that their great work is being read by more and more people. Download case study
  • 270% Up to increase in daily ad impressions
  • 300% Up to increase in ad revenue
  • 60% Up to increase in daily page views
Leading international publishers use Marfeel to monetize more effciently
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Monetization designed around how people read

Create long-lasting growth in revenue with better ads and better experience. Keep your readers coming back to your page, time and time again.
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