Theming & styling

Unmistakable engagement

Atomic design, adapted for your brand.

Tested for engagement, adapted for you

  • Marfeel’s platform is designed to promote a publisher's brand through their mobile site.
  • The platform uses data-tested layouts, UI, and recirculation tools to create a framework for greater engagement.
  • Customizable elements and themes then make your brand stand out with a look and feel that is unmistakably you.
Customizable content Customize your content to match your unique look and feel through colours, content styles, and brand assets.
Fonts and typography Body copy, background colors, and letter spacing have been tested for the highest readability and engagement.
User-tested themes Marfeel has a set of pre-built themes and over 60 different layouts to fit the specific needs of every publisher.
Design Support Our design team will adapt your design to match your brand and deliver a consistent experience on every device.



Every Marfeel page uses a fixed foundation of UI elements that are tested by a billion sessions, every month.

Our layouts are the most effective way to engage readers, encourage page views, and keep readers reading.
Foundation UI elements can be branded and customized to add your own look and feel to the organic flow of a Marfeel-powered page.

  • Stay unique
    Stay in control

    Work like Marfeel, look like you. Publishing with Marfeel is a simple way to put your brand first.

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    Add Your Brand Identity
    Add the elements that make your brand recognisable. Logos, colours, and fonts.
    Define your layout
    Apply a homepage layout to match your style, audience, and content.
    Choose a Theme
    Select the theme that suits your brand. Minimal, classic, disruptive, select and adapt.
    Adapt every element, add widgets and integrations with our design team for a single, cohesive experience.
Case study

500% increase in pageviews

More With Less Today had many of its Internet users switch over to Mobile, reading its content in a non-dedicated site, which was hard to navigate.

More with Less Today is now accessible through all screens, its revenue per visit has increased by x6, page views are now x5 higher, the bounce rate has improved by 200%.