Lazy Loading

Prioritizing the user experience

Load as the reader scrolls for fully immersive experiences, instantly.
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  • 1.4s load the first contentful paint
Step 1 Natural Traffic

Loading all of the content needed for an immersive mobile experience is a tough task for any mobile operating system.

Step 2 Page Load

Pages that try to load all of this content as soon as the user connects end up with half-filled pages, higher bounce rates, and unfilled ad positions.

Lazy-loading prioritizes and renders content as the reader scrolls, creating full, rich content experiences, delivered instantly.

Step 3 Engagement

Meaningful : in : milliseconds

Images, Twitter, and Facebook embeds, video players, iframes, and external media or widget are all lazy-loaded as the user scrolls. There's no render-blocking media or widget that prevents the user from viewing content while the elements load.
Instantaneous rendering The Marfeel solution lazy loads images as the user scrolls, in addition to embeds, video players, iframes, and widgets.
Smooth UX Creates a continuous reading experience as if you were flipping through a magazine.
Higher viewability and CTR Boosts in click-through rate (CTR) and make scrolling much smoother.
SEO Performance Device-detection on the server side ensures lazy-loaded content is still crawled and indexed.

Faster pages need faster ads.

With our first impressions loading so quickly, we need to deliver ads that can keep up. Fast Ads loads in a separate web worker and reduces monetization code by 50% for maximized speed and viewability.
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  • Decrease in time to first impression
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  • Increase in viewability
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  • Lighthouse scores
    0 % ARPU
  • Improved SEO results
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  • Increase in viewability
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Fast Ads

Why fast pages need advertising to match

With pages that load in under 0.7 seconds, Marfeel publishers need advertising that can keep up. See how Marfeel redefined the mobile load to deliver an integrated, seamless experience.