Infinite scroll

The neverending story

Boost user experience and engagement with seamless content discovery.
  • Not all good things have to end

    Clicks are barriers to content. Pagination forces readers to make decisions and makes readers wait for their content to preload. Give your readers instant access to stories that interest them with infinite scrolling, the defining mobile experience.
  • Scroll with it

    Scroll is intuitive, easy to use, and gives mobile readers the ultimate, responsive experience.

    10-15% Scroll helps reduce bounce rates by 10-15%
    20% Increases average page views by 20%
  • Lower Your Bounce Rate
    Adding infinite scroll cuts publisher bounce rates by 10-15%.
    Boost Your Time on Site
    Keep readers on the page longer by breaking down all barriers to new content.
    Increase page views
    Readers visit an average of 20% more pages with infinite scroll.

The difference between engagement and distraction

Keep readers engaged with your stories and your brand
  • Infinite scroll articles are separated by three related articles that help readers navigate to more relevant stories.
  • Content is adapted for formats such as video for frictionless transitions as new content is delivered.
  • Finally, AdDealer is used to create a balanced advertising setup that maximises revenue without turning readers away.
Marfeel UX

Miller’s Law
The simple reason behind high bounce rates

Why our brains rebel against overloaded UIs. Your brain has a defined method of how to process complex information. Open a publisher website or app and you are confronted with a decision on which content to view. This decision has to take into account the value of many different propositions, headlines, colors, and images.