High-Speed Loading

Make lightning look lazy

Every element of the mobile experience is optimized for speed and smoothness
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Be fast or be ignored

Page speed is crucial for reader conversion, retention rates, SEO, and advertising revenue.
If your page takes longer than 3 seconds to load, more than half your audience will abandon your page.
3G 70%
And being fast for users on 4G in well-connected areas isn't enough. 70% of connections will still be at 3G speeds.

Every : millisecond : counts

Page loads are optimized to feel instant
Server-side device detection with Marfeel, device detection is completed on the server, on the first roundtrip.
As desktop assets represent ~80% of the total bytes downloaded, we avoid sending unnecessary and unoptimized assets.
All assets are in mobile formats and sizes with a lossless compressions to reduce the filesize, improving page load by whole seconds.
Optimize media assets The latest technology is used like WebP; a new image format that is 26% smaller than PNGs and 34% smaller than JPEGs , while providing lossless compression for images on the web.
No unnecessary DNS resolutions With the Marfeel Premium CDN Package and server-side device detection, Marfeel removes an entire DNS resolution and makes the only one that's needed in 50ms.
Reduce JS and CSS Dependency. Only the minimum amount of CSS stylesheets are needed to render the first viewports and remaining resources load asynchronously to prevent shifting or flickering.
Single script
Multi script
  • 1.4s
    Marfeel loads the first contentful paint in an average of 1.4 seconds
  • 77
    Marfeel publishers have an average page speed score of 77 on Google’s official page speed test.
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  • Case Study

    Reaching 0.7s loading time.

    With speed being such an important concern for mobile experiences, we set ourselves a challenge. How can we bring page load speeds down to below one second.