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Make your medium as powerful as your message. Every session has the power to be a reader for life. That’s why with Marfeel, every element is designed for the reader experience.
  • Frictionless experience +160% increase in session time
  • Seamless discovery +320% more page views
  • Natural retention +70% more returning readers
“Since going live with the Marfeel platform, the results have come on fast and have delivered beyond our expectations.” Mobile page views soared to over 4 million page views, pages per visitor rose from an average of 1.2 pages to 2.05 pages per visitor, time on site increased from 45 seconds to 1 minute 21 seconds, and the bounce rate decreased from an average of 87% to 61%. Download case study
  • 160% Increase in average session time
  • 70% Increase in repeating users
  • 32% Reduction in bounce rate
Leading publishers use Marfeel to engage their readers on mobile
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