Life at Marfeel

Your day at Marfeel

Want to know what you’re getting into? Take a look behind the scenes at what a day at Marfeel looks like.

Nothing's staged.

We gave our whole team the instagram password.

  • The power of loving what you do

    Great work is the product of motivated people. We made our offices a place where we want to be and filled it with people we want to be around. From there, life at Marfeel developed naturally.

  • Yoga mornings, beer evenings

    We host experiences that create the right atmosphere for productivity, creativity, and a lively afterwork culture.

  • A Barcelona lifestyle

    Break your routine with flexible working hours, team activities, social events, and company parties. Make the most of the beach, the mountains, and everything in between.

  • Thinking like a startup, growing like an enterprise

    • Stand up, Stand up!

      We work in an agile environment which means starting the day with daily stand up meetings to prioritize the day. After coffee, of course.

      Mi casa, Tu casa!

      Nowhere in the office is off-limits. Work when and where you perform best. You’ll work with new people every day and even some of our team’s pets.

    • All-hands meeting

      Nothing is off the table. We’re transparent about our technology and business and share it all in bi-monthly company meetings.

      Meetups and networking.

      Each month we open our doors to over 20 events.

      Marfeel is the hub where developers, marketers, founders, product lovers can discuss ideas and share knowledge. It’s called Marfeel Hub and you’re always invited.

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