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    Mar, 19th 2020




    Marc Trujillo

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    Sep, 22th 2022 Alexian



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    Apr, 7th 2020 Heather Mungin

    TechxPublisher Webinar: As suas receitas ou os seus leitores?

    Junte-se a nós para saber quais são as melhores práticas para conseguir maximizar as suas receitas sem ter que sacrificar a experiência de usuário.

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    • Everything begins as an idea

      Marfeel Hub is the place to make your ideas real. Create events, workshops, hackathons, meetups, all for free. We’re fully equipped for almost anything. We offer:

      A Town Hall Room with space for 120+
      100m² Roof terrace
      Workshop rooms
      Monitors and projectors
      Inhouse beer tap

      Pitch us your event and we’ll help you make it happen.

    • Knowledge is infinite, let’s share it

      Marfeel grew from a 2 person startup into a company with over 180 team members that leads the world in programmatic technology.

      We’d love to say it was all us, but without the communities and online groups that share information, create connections, and help companies grow, it would not have been possible.

    • Passionate about new technology

      We’re still just as passionate about new technology and seeing where innovation takes people, so we created a way to help others learn, share our ideas, and help other business grow.

      Marfeel Hub is our way to be part of the community, give back, and help people push the boundaries of technology onwards and upwards in Barcelona and beyond. Salud!

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    • Where we are?

      Marfeel Hub takes place in our Barcelona offices!

      Marfeel BCN
      Josep Tarradellas 20-30
      08029 Barcelona (Spain)