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New Technology. Same Approach.

  • Xavi Beumala
    Co-founder & CEO at Marfeel
    Juan Margenat
    Co-founder & COO at Marfeel
    2012 A year later
  • 2011. Everything starts!

    Former Adobe-engineer Xavi Beumala imagined a way he could make the digital publishing experience better. A year later, he was joined by Juan Margenat and Marfeel was born.

    Marfeel is born with sacrifice.
  • 8 years on from there, we’ve grown from a concept to over 160 people, $25 million annual revenue, and over 850 major publishers of news and entertainment.

    We lead the world in innovating adtech and programmatic technology but approach every project and every day with the same simple ideas and formulas for success we’ve used since day one.

  • 160+ Marfeelers
    25M+ annual revenue
    Increasingly large
    • Focus on the product Our first goal is supercharge our publisher partners
    • Deliver for the reader Success stems from better user experiences
    • Challenge everything Question existing ideas for better results
    • Be transparent Power is gained through sharing knowledge

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    Yes, we’re trying to impress you!

    Diverse people

    Marfeel is proud to be an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.

    • Marketplace of ideasWe value a free and open marketplace of ideas, where everyone is valued, respected, and treated equally.
    • Zero discriminationWe do not discriminate on race, religion, color, nationality, age, gender, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic.
    • Everyone’s welcome!We rely on our team to inspire and motivate each other so our company culture prioritizes people and celebrates differences. Everyone’s welcome.