Marfeel SEO

When being first counts

The Marfeel platform is continually optimized for the best results in on-page SEO.
  • Speak the language search engines understand.

    Marfeel ensures search engines can access and index every page, seamlessly and accurately. We provide search engines crawlers with the on-page signals to understand the structure and context of your website.

    The result is search engine algorithms trust your website, understand your content, and rank it higher than other pages.

Designed for readers, built to rank.

  • SEO-Safe Your existing strategy will not be disrupted, only added to and optimized to improve performance.
  • Born mobile The Marfeel platform is built for mobile performance, not adapted from desktop.
  • Maintained and updated We ensure that your pages are constantly updated to reach the highest standards in SEO.
  • Crawling budget As Google crawls mobile sites first, fast-loading mobile pages gives Google more information to crawl.
  • Lighthouse scoring Get the maximum score on Lighthouse audits in order to increase traffic and engagement.
  • Monitoring systems Our team monitor traffic and SEO trends for patterns and actionable items to increase your traffic.

A technical toolbox

Our technical SEO tools optimize your website and server configuration
  • Fully-Readable by Search Bots All Marfeel content can be fully rendered with JavaScript disabled in order to be read by search bots. Your article’s HTML will contain all the semantic HTML required to render the critical path without any extra server-side requests.
  • SEO Best Practices Marefel pages are consistently updated to reach the highest standards of SEO performance, now and forever.
  • Advanced Structured Data Help Google's crawlers understand and classify the content of every page and promote its display on Google Search with detailed structured data.
  • Cutting edge, now and forever

    Search engines want what your readers want. As search develops, performance becomes key, the user experience is crucial, and old strategies become obsolete. With Marfeel, your strategy adapts to changes in SEO and the mobile experience.
  • Accessibility Marfeel pages are accessible and readable by anyone, even in low bandwidth.
    Engagement Recirculation techniques keep readers on the page and increase key engagement metrics.
    Bot-Friendly Using structured data or sitemaps, we give site crawlers a detailed picture of your content.
    Velocity The platform is optimized to deliver the highest possible Lighthouse score and page speed.

Staying ahead in 2020

Our SEO expert, Javier Olmedo reveals his secrets for ranking high and surviving core updates. Learn how to keep your content attracting organic traffic.