Progressive web app

The power of an app in a mobile website

Give your readers app-like experiences, lightning-fast loading, and full mobile capabilities.
Welcome to the future of mobile Marfeel PWAs deliver all the features of a native application with the dynamic content of a mobile website. Automatic updates without downloading updates, discoverable content, and a responsive interface deliver an immersive user experience across every device. Push notifications, direct access via the home screen, offline access, and lightning-quick speed keep readers coming back to your brand.
  • Lightweight
    PWAs are built to be lean, with the average app weighing just 0.35 MB - 1% of an average iOS app size.
  • Frictionless
    Built with progressive enhancements, PWAs work on every browser, every phone, and for every user.
  • Offline content
    Service workers enable PWAs to work offline or with low-quality connections, giving your readers access, to content, when they know they will be offline.
  • Seamless updates
    Marfeel PWAs are integrated with our platform and development team, ensuring constant updates to specifications and features.
Designed for readers, optimized for search Marfeel PWAs are optimized to deliver richer experiences and the highest standards for search engine optimization.
Searchable and discoverable over the web.
Indexed as an app in Google play
Mobile-First Responsive Design
Include all Meta & Structured Data
Load Fast (< 3 seconds on 3G)
Highest possible Lighthouse scores

PWAs vs Native Apps

Progressive Web Apps are a blend of the traditional browser experience and the mobile app experience. They are a page that behaves like an app, but does not need to be downloaded.
  • PWAs
    PWA are available via an icon on the home screen
    No App Store requirements or installation
    PWAs pre-cache key resources and elements
    Reduces reliance on a network for faster load times
    No need for users to update versions for improvements and fixes
  • vs
  • Native Apps
    Native application need to be known, searched, and installed
    Require different versions to suit different platforms
    Need users to actively update for fixes and improvements
    Consume space on a user’s phone

Lighthouse scores

Marfeel technology earns the top score of 100 points when measured for PWA compliance, surpassing major global publishers like The Guardian (at approximately 65), The Washington Post (55), and The Verge (45).
0 points
The guardian
0 points
Washington Post
0 points
Ok Diario
0 points
The Verge
0 points
El Mundo
0 points
0 points
PWA compiliance score
Marfeel Ux

50% of websites could be PWAs by 2020

With more and more traffic being pushed to mobile, our digital media habits are still being dominated by the app revolution. And although apps remain popular, according to research from Comscore, 51% of users don’t download any apps in a month.