MarfeelPush Notifications

A push in the right direction

Built withOneSignal, optimized for publishers
  • Well-timed, well-delivered messages mean the difference between breaking a story and being second best.
    MarfeelPush delivers over ten million automated mobile push notifications, per day.
    With our data-optimized automated framework we help publishers generate a 40% increase in the lifetime value of every push notification subscriber.
  • Reach the right readers at the right time

    Automated push notifications sent by Marfeel, every day.
    Increase in the lifetime value of every subscriber.
Automatic delivery Our algorithms select the best articles and generate push notifications accordingly. This is a hands-free process that doesn’t require any manual work.
Continuous improvement Marfeel has a sophisticated framework for testing and designing the best push notifications. Through testing, we optimize the message content, frequency, and times for maximum engagement.
Automatic re-engagement Configure push notifications to be automatically sent to users that haven't visited your site for a defined period of time.
Scheduled notifications Schedule notifications for users in different time zones, all over the world.
Personalised Push Marfeel algorithms learn from each user’s browsing history and recommend articles based on the content they have already read.
Segmentation Send push notifications to a subset of users based on demographic and behavioral targeting.
  • Entirely FreeFor Marfeel publishers that have a Progressive Web App. This can result in a significant reduction of costs for publishers who are currently paying for a push provider.
  • Detailed AnalyticsMarfeelPush provides publishers with sophisticated analytics tools to track the performance and engagement of their notifications.
  • Revenue AttributionMarfeelPush gives publishers detailed analytics that illustrate the direct impact that push notifications have on revenue.
  • Notifications that know your readers

    There’s a fine line between engaging and interrupting. That's why the Audience team at Marfeel developed a user-led formula to ensure maximum engagement, without interruption.

  • MarfeelPush is tested and adapted to deliver:

    Best time of day
    The best time of day to send push notifications.
    The most engaging format and content.
    The optimal amount of pushes each subscriber should receive per day.
    The most relevant articles and content to send to subscribers.

Built with OneSignal.
Specialized for publishers.

MarfeelPush notifications are managed in one centralized system through OneSignal. Publishers have access to common reporting to track the impact of their notification strategy and performance.


Creating SLTV - The one metric to measure push notification impact

5+ Million
Push Notifications analyzed

subscribers tested

40% increase in subscriber
lifetime value generated