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One brand.
One experience.

Immersive and consistent experiences across every channel.
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Quality that’s recognizable, anywhere Content platforms are great for building an audience, but they make it hard for publishers’ brands to stand out. Different specifications and requirements from each platform lead to different experiences, inconsistent monetization, and reduced reader engagement. Marfeel 360 enables publishers to deliver their ideal experience, across the most popular publishing platforms.

Specialized for success, in every format

Marfeel publishers’ content is optimized to deliver the highest possible ad revenue and reader experience on every platform.
  • Connect seamlessly Marfeel configures all the requirements to publish your content across multiple platforms.
  • Recirculate readers A customized look and feel and high performance mobile website means readers can access your homepage content with no drop in experience.
  • Stay connected Our technology-first platform ensures you stay up to date with any changes and requirements needed to keep publishing on every platform.
  • Multi-channel publishing

    The Marfeel platform adapts content to deliver consistent brand experiences, on every channel.

    This maximizes traffic without having to devote your resources adapting your content to meet the standards of multiple platforms. We update and optimize your pages to stay up to date.

Over 30% of traffic from Google AMP

Since activating Marfeel’s Google AMP platform, TheSouthAfrican now receives more than 30% of their traffic from Google AMP, with longer session times, more page views per visit, and a major uplift in ARPU.