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A Content Delivery Network for peak performance, anywhere in the world
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  • Speed is the foundation of the mobile experience

    Reaching a global audience means your data has further to travel. The further the distance, the longer it takes to load.

    With frequent updates, heavy desktop assets, and short-shelf life content, publishers run the risk of losing readers through their loading times. To give our publishers world-class speed and performance, Marfeel is built around a leading-edge cloud platform.


    of users will abandon a mobile site that takes longer than three seconds to load.

  • 51 PoPs

    The Marfeel CDN package has 51 PoPs strategically located all over the world.

    From Helsinki to Tokyo: make connections that count.

    When a user requests content, they're connected to the server closest to them to reduce the round trip time.

    Every edge location of our advanced global network is integrated with the Marfeel platform with no additional charges for using the whole map or any specific region.

  • Top 1% Activating the Marfeel CDN Package puts you in the top 1% of website speeds.
  • Instant updates Update pages and stories as they unfold in real time and clear outdated assets, instantly.
  • No publisher charge Speed is fundamental to the Marfeel experience so we make our CDN Package available to all our publishers, including all desktop traffic.
  • Mobile-first The Marfeel CDN Package is adapted to detect and deliver mobile-optimized content, cutting down load times.

Break the news, not your servers

Marfeel automatically adjusts your bandwidth during times of heavy traffic for uninterrupted performance.
DDos Protection
Protection from attack at point of origin, ensuring site stability.
Remove unnecessary
DNS resolutions
Complete the entire DNS resolution needed in 50ms.
Compression and minification improves performance by reducing the size of images and files sent to the user.
Intelligent failover
Provides uninterrupted service if a server goes offline; the failover redistributes traffic to the other servers.
Network optimization
Connections between cache nodes and your origin are kept open to prevent latency caused by creating new connections.

Speed and search go hand in hand

Activating the Marfeel CDN Package maximes your crawling budget and cuts bounce rates with faster, meaningful impressions.
  • Multiple servers prevent your website from crashing by dividing the load time.
  • Device Detection prevents desktop assets loading unnecessarily.
  • Image live transcoding prioritizes your content results.
  • WebP formats Based on screen size, connection speed, and Layout.
  • Cutting edge https that is favored in Google search results.


Integrated security with the Marfeel CDN package

  • The Marfeel CDN has a high speed response, but not a long term memory. To serve historical content, M-Shield keeps a cache of all content visited in Marfeel in the last 30 days.
  • By combining a stale-while-revalidate protocol and a specialized collapsing and content purging system, we ensure that content is refreshed in every layer as soon as a user accesses it, or changes are detected.
  • M-Shield is located in North America to improve the request times between a website and Google's crawlers for even better SEO performance.
  • fastly

    Built with Fastly.
    Specialized for publishers.

    Publishers get the full potential of Marfeel's technology platform with top-tier speed, made possible through our partnership with Fastly.

    We offer a premium CDN for mobile and desktop traffic. at no charge.