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Turn AMP up to 11

Higher traffic and seamless recirculation without development
The Google fast-lane The AMP Project enables publishers build web pages that load almost instantly on mobile devices. AMP pages are prioritized in search carousels, helping publishers stand out on the world’s biggest traffic channel. But, AMP pages require new versions, built with with AMP HTML. Pages then have to be updated, branded and monetized, all while complying with AMP's rigorous standards for speed and lightness.
AMPlify your content Marfeel offers a unique AMP solution for publishers.
Every single article on a publisher’s mobile website is automatically replicated into an AMP version.
The transfer between AMP and Marfeel pages is seamless, recirculating AMP traffic to homepages with no drop in performance.
Pages are built using all available components and applying server to server header bidding, the only way to monetize AMP pages.

Publish and monetize on AMP

  • Automatic updates As AMP evolves, Marfeel ensures publishers are constantly up-to-date with new features.
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  • Unified monetization Server-side header bidding enables multiple bidders without affecting latency, keeping AMP ultra-fast.
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  • Brand consistency Marfeel AMP pages are implemented with the same UX, look and feel, and brand elements in a publisher's website to promote brand recognition.
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  • Validity alerts Prometheus continuously ensures all AMP pages are valid and that the Structured Data will enable the article to be found in Google searches.
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  • Premium ad Networks Incorporate 25 demand sources into the rigid guidelines of Google AMP for an overall boost of AMP revenue.
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  • Boost recirculation Deeplinked headers, next section indicators, and article lists to recirculate users back to the web and maximize engagement.
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Marfeel's AMP solution autates and outperforms standard results from AMP content pages.

Using recirculation strategies, Marfeel drives users onto more publisher content for a 25% increase in pages per session.

AMP 1.20
Marfeel AMP 1.50
UpLift +25%

Session time is also boosted by over 100% through recirculation strategies that move users through to the publisher’s main website.

AMP 59 seconds
Marfeel AMP 129 seconds
UpLift +101%

Marfeel is able to lower the bounce rate by 22% and keep users on-site for longer.

AMP 85.95%
Marfeel AMP 66.90%
UpLift -22%
This increases the amount of pages and ad impressions, maximizing publisher monetization.
Code contributor

Marfeel is a major code contributor to the AMP open-source project.

Marfeel AMP
We continue to work alongside the AMP project to develop additional solutions and updates.

Five Benefits of AMP Pages For Publishers

The AMP Project speeds up the web to offer better reading experiences for users and an additional ad revenue channel for publishers.

This guide to the benefits of AMP pages will help you to decide if now is the time to enable AMP pages.