Our mission

We want to change the way the world reads

We do this through technology that:
  • Empowers We empower all publishers of all sizes to compete with the technology of any media group and focus on their content, creating a more varied and democratic media landscape.
  • Connects We prioritize returning readers, making advertising a relevant part of the experience, and using reader data to make the mobile experience better for readers and publishers.
  • Delivers Our technology helps publishers reach new audiences, engage clicks into readers, and use programmatic technology to maximize the revenue from every impression.

Our story starts with a story.

  • In 2011, there were 3.146 billion email addresses, 555 million different websites existed. Online technology was part of our daily lives, yet the mobile experience was still... well, it sucked.

Reading news on mobile, the quality of even major publications was a shock. Former Adobe engineer, Xavi Beumala saw the potential to give every mobile website the technology to deliver experiences that readers want—alongside advertising.

In 2011, the concept of Marfeel was one of the startup finalists VI Campus Entrepreneurs in Madrid. Although not one of 3 winners, many of the mentors were seduced by the team and the business potential so decided to invest in Marfeel, anyway. This is the chain of events that connected Xavi with Juan Margenat, one of the mentors who invested in the first round—and the start of the journey.

From there, through Wayra incubation, two funding rounds, and the work of the original team, we’ve grown!
We’re now a team of over 190, have outgrown 10 offices, and have locations in New York and Bogota.
We’re one of 6 Google certified publishing partners, members of the IAB and Prebid.org, and a Gartner Cool Vendor.
We build solutions alongside projects such as Google AMP, Facebook Instant Articles, and Prebid’s open source technology.
But… What you may be asking one key questions still… What do we do?

We optimize every stage of the mobile experience.

  • Audience A good story should never be limited. We give publishers the platform to push their content across every major channel, delivering a single, consistent mobile experience, wherever readers find them.
  • Experiences Great content needs high-speed, smooth, intuitive, and satisfying experiences to go with it. We give readers high-speed, high performance mobile experiences, with layouts that help deliver more content.
  • Monetization An automated system to deliver relevant, personalised, but non-intrusive advertising then gives publishers the revenue to continue to grow and tell their stories.
Who are we:

Good Question!

There’s no such thing as the average ‘Marfeeler’
  • over 160 team members
  • 32 nationalities
  • 3 locations

And growing continuously. With high objectives!

Marfeel Hub

We’re invested in developing our community

MarfeelHub is our in-house initiative to bring tech events, meet-ups, training, and career development to Barcelona.